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Main Mall Location:
2110 Main St., Cambria, CA 93428 ~ 805-203-5350
Second Annex Store Location:
2084 Main St., Cambria, CA 93428 ~ 805-927-7724

OPEN 10-5 EVERYDAY, except Christmas Day

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Yes, Rich Man Poor Man is a pet-friendly store.  We love 'em!  And you are welcome to bring your leashed best friend on your shopping experience in our store. And if they're really good, you can give them a treat from our "goodie jar".

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Here are some of the pets who have visited Rich Man Poor Man Antiques so far this year:



Just imagine ... if you are the cutest, most lovable Curly Golden around (and you know it!) ... and you bring your humans to a place like Rich Man Poor Man Antiques to show them a few things ... and someone takes your picture in the process ... wouldn't you feel absolutely marvelous?! Of course! And that's what happened. Auggie lives on the Atascadero side of the Coastal Range and over the whole last three-and-a-half years has been wanting to come to Cambria! So Auggie ... thanks for coming in and we hope to see you often!

Dixie, Zuzu, and Rascal (left to right)

It was a beautiful afternoon in Cambria when 3 friends decided they wanted to come do a little antiquing at Rich Man Poor Man. So, bringing their humans with them, in came this trio. Now, right away we noticed a little bit of age diversity and learned that Dixie and Rascal, on either side in our photo, were sister and brother, and had been together since ... well, birth! In fact, they were celebrating their 10th Birthday, this day! On the other hand, Zuzu, a teenager with still a bit of pink on his nose, told us he's learning a lot from his new family of, what he called, the "older dogs"! Come see us anytime, guys. Have fun!


So, up from Southern California comes this really adorable Cavalier King Charles (Black & Tan), who's 6 years old. Now, that means it's still "play time"... however, enough maturity has been gained to show a degree of confidence and the knowledge of when it's a good time to relax and just "take it all in"! Thanks for coming in, Lexi. See you again!