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Main Mall Location:
2110 Main St., Cambria, CA 93428 ~ 805-203-5350
Second Annex Store Location:
2084 Main St., Cambria, CA 93428 ~ 805-927-7724

OPEN 10-5 EVERYDAY, except Christmas

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Yes! We're Open Everyday!

10:00 till 5:00

Come in and say Hi!




Yes! We're Pet Friendly!

Bring your shopping puppy in!  

Large Mall: 2110 Main Street, Cambria, CA 93428 ~ 805-203-5350 ~ Open everyday 10 till 5.

Second Store: 2084 Main Street, Cambria (enter off the sidewalk) ~ 805-927-7724 ~ Yes, 10 till 5.

Park once in the Redwood Center parking area and access both stores!

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Guess Who Came To See Us?! ~

If you've ever watched Baggage Battles, Baggage Wars, or Storage Wars, the two people standing with Rich Man Poor Man's Dave will be very familiar! Sally and Laurence Martin were taking a road trip through the Central Coast at the beginning of June and stopped in to do a little shopping! And yes, they are as much fun in person as they are on your TV monitor! They also really do have a store in El Segundo in the Los Angeles area. On your next road trip, stop in at their Studio Antiques & Gallery, 337 Richmond Street, El Segundo, CA 90245. Check their website for store hours and more info: Studio Antiques

Thanks, guys, for coming by. We appreciate you shopping with us!

Beautiful French Desk! ~ 

From about 1900, this ornate French Desk features amazing Ormulu design with its brass figures and accent decoration. Someone said it would be great as a check-in desk for a B&B. Of course, it would also be great as a focal point in your living room, too. Imagine what you could design for your home!

It's here for you to consider and is located just inside our front door. Come take a look, soon.

Star Wars Original Newspaper Art Work! ~

OK, Star Wars fans! Here's a chance to own your very own piece of iconic folklore! The Star Wars comic strip was run in the Los Angeles Times during 1980-81. This is the actual piece of artwork created by Alfredo Alcala and sent to the L.A. Times printing department, with instructions for where color would be placed for this Sunday Edition. When you look closely, you can see a few white-out spots where corrections were made. This is it! This is the real deal! And, this is something you need for your collection!

Now... we don't just have one. We have several! Plus, there are some smaller single strips that were run in the Black & White dailies. They are dated, signed, and ready to go! Which part of the Star Wars story do you want?!