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Ralph Costantino ~ a private collection 

Ralph was the son of the famous metal sculptor, Salvatore Costantino. Ralph's biography states that he spent his early life in the arts working with his father as a Sculptor and Foundry man. As a young adult, Costantino became interested in painting and color. While still attending college, he was given his first contract with a large gallery in Houston. This enabled him to complete his education and from that time on, Ralph was known as a Southern California artist and a Gulf Coast area artist, who successfully supported himself and his family as a painter. He was influenced during his time living on Maui, by the colors and beauty of nature that surrounded him. Some of his work has been printed and also woven into beautiful fabrics and tapestries. 

Costantino is separate from any established art movement. Color is his forte and the singular quality which establishes his uniqueness. He was a remarkable combination of dedicated artist and relaxed, real person. Sometimes rough and bawdy, sometimes calm and peaceful, Costantino always painted with endless enthusiasm. Owners of his paintings are a fiercely loyal group who delight in sharing their interest with friends and at private showings around the world.

Rich Man Poor Man Antiques offers this private collection currently on display at our Main Street Showroom annex ~ available now (6/1/17). Enjoy!

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