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Main Mall Location:
2110 Main St., Cambria, CA 93428 ~ 805-203-5350
Second Annex Store Location:
2084 Main St., Cambria, CA 93428 ~ 805-927-7724

OPEN 10-5 EVERYDAY, except Christmas Day

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Guess Who Came To See Us? ~

If you've ever watched Baggage Battles, Baggage Wars, or Storage Wars, the two people standing with Rich Man Poor Man's Dave will be very familiar! Sally and Laurence Martin were taking a road trip through the Central Coast at the beginning of June and stopped in to do a little shopping! And yes, they are as much fun in person as they are on your TV monitor! They also really do have a store in El Segundo in the Los Angeles area. On your next road trip, stop in at their Studio Antiques & Gallery, 337 Richmond Street, El Segundo, CA 90245. Check their website for store hours and more info: Studio Antiques

Thanks, guys, for coming by. We appreciate you shopping with us!

Big John's Man Cave ~

Yes! It's the original Big John's Man Cave! The home of "Man-tiques"! Oil cans... sports memorabilia... signs ~ both vintage metal and "new-to-look-old"... big belt buckles... toys... Coke pieces... an authentic Bob's Big Boy restaurant display... and much more! We were recently featured on the website. Our thanks and appreciation goes out to Bob Bates, Producer & Director, for creating this video! Thanks for coming by, Bob!

If you want to see some real "Man-tiques", come in the front door of our main store and walk straight to the back. It's right there! Big John's Man Cave! It's a "guy thing"! Come see us soon!