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Main Mall Location:
2110 Main St., Cambria, CA 93428 ~ 805-203-5350
Second Annex Store Location:
2084 Main St., Cambria, CA 93428 ~ 805-927-7724

OPEN 10-5 EVERYDAY, except Christmas Day

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JoAnna & Myles


When you spend your working time in the Antiques and Collectibles business for years like we have, after a while you realize there's still a whole bunch to learn as new discoveries continue to be made. And that's what makes what we do so fascinating and fun!

Example: The other day, the February 2018 edition of the newsletter, "KOVELS On Antiques & Collectibles", was on the counter. In glancing through it, we were caught by a half page article on Valentine Hearts. The article showed a variety of hearts all the way from a large heart-shaped fur vest down to a tiny drawing of a heart and the words "I love you" inscribed on an early 1900's Raggedy Ann. But, the item that really caught our attention was a heart-shaped ice cream scoop! According to the Kovel's article, in 1925, if you wanted a heart-shaped scoop of ice cream served in a heart-shaped problem! According to their research, an Ohio company made about 500 heart shaped scoops back then. Back in 1997, apparently one sold for ...wait for it...  $15,400!

OK. We'll wait while everyone checks the back of that old utensil drawer in grandma's kitchen!

So, as we move through February and March, keep in mind the rush of our First Quarter holidays and special celebrations. We hope you use one as an excuse to be in Cambria, and if you do, please stop by to see us at Rich Man Poor Man Antiques Mall! Thanks for your support and friendship!


JoAnna and Myles